AGPTEK Neoprene Adjustable Cable Sleeves for TV Computer Management Sleeves for PC/Home Theater/Speaker Home Entertainment Center(59 inches long, 5.3 inches wide) 1 Piece

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Product Dimensions:149cm*13.4cm
✓ One sleeve double colours:
One side is black and the other side is white. You can use the color that best matches your needs.
✓Slimming and very stylish:
The cable management sleeve will keep your home neat and tidy with no more tangled cables.If
you don’t have a cable management sleeve, then you will never feel how nice a clean setup is.
It’s made from quality flexible neoprene and you can cut it to your desired lenght.
✓Loose wires drive us all crazy?
This wrap is big enough to fit a number of cables of various sizes and worked well with all cords
behind your computer/TV stand.

Contact us for suggestions and problem-solving.The reverse is in a different color, Use the color side as you like.
Cuttable and expandable by yourself
Really makes behind the computer or TV a beautiful site, quickly and easily wraps around the cables. Can just as easily be undone to add or adjust your cables
The cable sleeves is 149 cm long and 13.4 cm wide; You can either use them individually or pair them up to make a larger in diameter sleeve
The cable sleeves are durable and allow for the combining of sleeve, which is helpful for larger cables