GCSE English | Pocket Posters – The Pocket-Sized English Revision Guide | Colourful Visual Learning Resource | Includes FREE digital edition available for use on computers, smart phones and tablets

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The GCSE English Pocket Poster is a brilliant revision tool for all pupils who are preparing for their English GCSE exam. The book simplifies over 60 key areas into bite-size chunks of information, making it the perfect visual learning resource for revision, classwork and homework. Covering a wide breadth of topics, ranging from Direct Speech and Discourse Markers to Essay Writing and Narrative Perspective, this useful revision guide provides a comprehensive overview of the GCSE English course. The colourful and engaging Pocket Poster, alongside its free digital edition, will supplement learning and help to guarantee that your pupils have the knowledge, confidence, and ability to succeed in their GCSE English exam.Our GCSE English Pocket Poster book comes with a FREE digital edition, that can be downloaded on computers, smart phones and tablets. With multi-platform access to engaging digital content, this helpful learning resource means that pupils can recap essential English topics at home, at school, or on the go
Our English revision guide is packed full of relevant, informative content that is aligned to the new GCSE specification (grades 9-1). The topic areas covered in this English Pocket Poster include: Punctuation, Direct Speech, Discourse Markers, Verb Tenses, Tricky Spellings, Persuasive Writing, Essay Writing, Drama Terms, Poetic Features and many more
Beautifully illustrated with engaging images, clear designs and bright colors, this is the ultimate revision guide for GCSE English students. Informative content and simple language ensures that all pupils will be able to gain a greater understanding of often hard-to-grasp topics, such as Argumentative Writing, Comparing Non-Fiction Texts, and Poetic Features. The Pocket Poster is a versatile learning aid that can be used to help pupils with classwork, homework or independent revision
Supporting the understanding of visual learners with bright, easy-to-read pages, our English Pocket Poster is the ideal revision tool to help students thrive. Simplifying over 60 GCSE English topics with concise definitions and a range of examples, this Pocket Poster is the perfect learning aid for improving students’ knowledge and academic confidence
Designed in consultation with a core group of teachers and experienced education specialists, the Pocket Poster contains key GCSE content that is tailored specifically to the UK curriculum. The perfect alternative to text-heavy revision guides, this English Pocket Poster will help your pupils to feel fully prepared for their GCSE exam. Brought to you by Daydream Education, the UK’s No.1 provider of educational wall charts

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