Gizmoz n Gadgetz SVGA 3m (10ft) 15 Pin VGA Cable PC Computer Monitor Extension Cable Male to Male

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VGA Monitor Cable brought to you by giZmoZ n gadgetZ


Simply put, this is a VGA cable, designed to connect your PC or Laptop to your monitor, projector, TV, anything with a VGA or SVGA (Super VGA) connector, supporting up to 720P
Please remember to check your resolution isn’t over 720P or change your setting in line with this, if you specifically need 1080P then go for the 1.5 1080P cable we have availableUniversal Fit
Having a male at both ends it will connect any device with a female VGA socket to another Female VGA socket.


giZmoZ n gadgetZ will give a full 1 YEAR Warranty for faults with a free replacement

3M LONG VGA CABLE, This is the perfect length for any standard PC to monitor cable needs, able to get from floor to Desk if needed, for the longer requirements check out the 1.5M version on this page.
VGA CONNECTOR. This is the standard Male to Male VGA Connecter able to take fit into and VGA or SVGA port.
PC MONITOR CABLE VGA and more. Able to support your PC, Laptop, Monitor, TV, Projector or any other device with a VGA/SVGA port, supporting up to 720P Ratio
VGA CABLE MALE TO MALE. Pretty standard in the industry if you have a VGA port, this will fit into any female output and input.
15 PIN LEAD FOR LCD TFT MACBOOK, does what it says on the tin (lead)