Handheld Game Console , 4.3″ 650 Classic Portable Game Console PAP-KIII , Support GBA / GBC / GB / SEGA / NES / SFC / NEOGEO – Black (White)

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PC connection:USB2.0(High Speed)

Record:MP3 compressed encoding function

Remove storing function:Removable hard discs

Battery:3.7V 1000MAH Li-ion Battery(include)

Screen:4.3inch 16 millon color screen resolution(480*272)

Software:Quick and convenient player management software

Supported System:WIN10/WIN8/WIN7/Vista/XP/200

Video fromat:Support RM/RM VB/MP4/3GP/AVI/ASF/MOV/MPE/DAT/MPEG.MPG etc.Format video playing

Music format:Support MP3/WMA/WAV/APE/RA etc.music format playing

Image format:Support JPG/GIF/PNG/BMP etc.image format

Ebook:support bookmarks,automatic browsing,music background play,front regulation and other function

Sound mode:Ordinary/jazz/pop/rock/classic/vocal/treble/bass/user customization

Play mode:Many kinds of play modes,circulation player/play/order/singles play random play/single cycle

Safety and use:

1 Please don’t use and store the machine in the dusty,humid,high temperature,strong magenetic enviroment.Especially in the swimming pool,bathroom,kitchen

2 Connecting computer with USB,please make sure the correct direction of insertion,otherwise it will cause the computer fault or the reverse fault.

3 Good communication connection in portable computer,do not twist the USB connection,so as not to afftect the normal operation of the data interrupt.

4 Inserted or unplug MINI SD card please pay attention to run off,beacuse the large current when inserted or unplug will cause unpredicable damage to the machine

5 In the lifting of the machine and the computer connection,first click on the lower right corner of the desktop computer USB icon and then pull out the USB cable.This will reduce the computer and the machine error.

6 Do not keep high volume for a long time,if you have tinnitus symptoms,have small volume or not continuous use headphones

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