Innokin 4 Pcs E Cigs Coil for itaste Kroma-A AXIOM M21, Original Replacement Coils 0.5ohm

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Long lasting, filled with organic cotton wick, for a healthier vape, the INNOKIN Coils are what you need for a great vaping experience.
The atomizer coil is consumables.Depending on whether you’re light, moderate or heavy vapour, one coil will last from 2 to 3 weeks usually.
No Nicotine.

Tips from Innokin experts:
Do not vape if low on eliquid.
Stop if there is a burnt taste.
Replace the coil if there is a reduction in flavor or vapor.
Make sure there is no eliquid in the tank before removing the coil.
The vapeband sets on the tank to decorate and avoid dropping.

4 x INNOKIN Kroma -A AXIOM M21 Replacement Coils(0.5ohm)
1 x Packing Box
1 x Vapeband▶4 Pack Original Coil. Premium quality material create the large ideal volume of vapour and provide more stronger power, best fit for INNOKIN electronic cigarette box mod.
▶Easy to replace. Unscrew the clearomizer, remove the burnt coil and simply replace it with the new one in a matter of seconds.
▶OCC Coil: Made of 100% Japanese organic cotton, offers more healthy vaping experience.
▶Purer flavor taste, huge vapor. New technology is designed to last longer while still giving users the purest and cleanest taste from e-liquids.
▶Small,affordable and easy to store. You can always have a spare one, in case you need a replacement to get a better amount of vapour. No Nicotine.

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