Kyerivs 2 Pack Performance Silent Fan, 120mm Computer Cases, Long Life Bearing, Quiet Efficient Cooling, Special High Profile Fan Blades For Maximum Air Flow-[Blue LED] (2 Pack)

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NEW GENERATION BUILT-IN LED CASE FAN lights up any room with amazing, stunning, swirling lights as this remarkable fan keeps your computer perfectly cool. Enhances high performance and ultimate speed. This is the must-have accessory for any true computer or gaming enthusiast.

PERFECT SIZE FOR PC. We use premium materials with rubber pads. This keeps your fan whisper quiet while ensuring ultimate performance and durability.

WEAR RESISTANT HYDRAULIC BEARING construction with an astounding service life of more than 30,000 hours. We’ll bet it outlasts your computer and will be the last LED Cooling Fan you will ever need. Don’t miss this opportunity to own such a high quality, very exciting, excellent value accessory for your computer.

IMPRESSIVE OPERATION IN ANY CLIMATE from under cold 10 below Celsius to a sweltering 70c. No matter the conditions in room, your CPU will be speeding along cool as a cucumber. This is stylish computing the way it was meant to be.

FREE SCREWDRIVER INCLUDED in our color box. Now you have all the tools needed to immediately install and enjoy your spectacular LED cooling case fan.

Single 120mm fan Size : 120x120x25(mm) (4.7″ x 4.7″ x 1″)
Computer fan speed : 1000RPM+/-10%
PC fan Input Voltage : DC12V
PC cooling fan Bearing Type : Hydraulic Bearing
Case fan Noise : 18.8dB quiet for cooling
Computer cooling fan Max Air Flow : 42.1CFM
LED DC fan Connector : big 4 Pin & 3 Pin
Computer LED fan External Material : Plastic
LED computer fan Color : Blue
LED Number : 15 piece

Package include:
2 x Case Fan (16pcs Rubber pads installed yet)
8 x Mounting Screw【ADVANCED 9 BLADE LED CASE FAN】for your CPU computer. This is the same illuminating cooling fan pro gamers and well-paid programmers use. It has an immediate and very positive impact on your environment. Will definitely make computing and watching movies more fun!
【STROBE LED EFFECT】lights up your room throwing moving light and shadow all around you. Fills your living space with energy and intense life force. Enhances your mood and helps you think more creatively.
【CHOOSE FROM MULTIPLE COLORS】including popular white and more with colors on the way. Choose your favorite color or a color to match your decor.
【PREMIUM ENGINEERING, DESIGN & PARTS】used in this top quality computer case cooling fan with LED light. You get enhanced speed and performance with fewer CPU break downs. The superb cooling power keeps your computer running smoothly.
【100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 】ensures this will be your favorite no-risk purchase. Many people are buying several to outfit all their computers. Try having 2 computers in one room with this LED cooling case fan. It’s a remarkable effect!