Novonest 120mm Red LED Silent Fan for Computer Cases, CPU Coolers, and Radiators Ultra Quiet High Airflow Computer Case Fan, Twin Pack

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Brand:novonest Speed: 1200RPM¡À10%
Air Flow:53.02CFM Air Pressure:1.073mm-H20
Noise: 16dB(A) Input Power: 3.6W
Input Current: 0.18A Life Time: 20000Hrs
Product Specification: 120mm(W)*120mm(D)*25mm(H)/4.7in(W)*4.7in(D)*1in(H)

2x 120mm novoenst blue led fan
4x Screws
8xrubber pad
1.novonest ” SOLAR ECLIOSE ” model blue Led Fan for Computer Cases, Long Life CPU Coolers
2.HIGH EFFICIENCY, MUTE-Combination of high efficiency heat dissipation and mute,11 pcs bionic shark fin fan vanes,There is cut back processing on both external and internal of the fan frame to make a large amount of air and improve the heat transfer, Corner breakage design of the fan vanes is to reduce the noise and increase wind pressure. In addition, the fan vanes have been polished, not easy to stick ash.
3.STANDARD 12CM SIZE-Compatible with all types of chassis,Suitable for water cooling,Cold discharge light effect, CPU radiator, side through version of MOD light efficiency of fan position in cabinet,Different angles and light show different visual effects.
4.ASEISMATIC DESIGN-Silent noise reduction,That 8 damping silicone pads fixed on both sides of the fan frame is to reduce the noise of the polarization motor vibration.
5. Variety of color choices from NOVONEST:A variety of functional options Meet your different needs

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