PSU POWER X3 600W ATX Switching Sumvision Power Supply / for PC Computer / iCHOOSE

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600 Watt Power
Delivers continuous 600 watts to your PC providing fully efficient and reliable source of power.

High Efficiency
Over 72% efficiency under full load providing low heat and less energy consumption.

Noise Level
Low noise and low ripple.
Operating Life
115 VAC Operation 230 VAC Operation
SATA Connector
3 x SATA Connectors.
600 Watt
Power X3
1 x PCI-Express connector
3 x SATA Connectors
3 x molex connectors
1 x 4 pin CPU connector
1 x 24 pin connector
1 x floppy drive connector600W Switching PSU
20+4 Pin Main Connectors x 1
6-Pin PCE-Express Connector x 1
4-Pin Molex Peripheral Connectors x 1
SATA Connectors x 3