Tassimo Descaling Tablets with 4 Tablets for 2 Descaling Processes

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Descaling tabs from Bosch for your Tassimo Machine. Keep your Tassimo machine in perfect condition with these descaling tabs. Every tab frees your machine from lime, residues and lime deposits so you can keep making delicious drinks. We recommend you to clean your Tassimo machine with descaling tabs when the red descaling symbol lights up. Package contents: 4 descaling tabs for 2 descaling operations , Pack contains:1 Package Bosch Descaler Tabs, Descaling Tabs, Cleaning Tablets, for Tassimo Maschine, TCZ6004, 311530, 4 descaling tabs for 2 descaling operations2 x Descaling tablets
Intended for: Coffee machine
Packaged Quantity:4 (specifications are for single item)
Multi-beverage system
Easy to use
NOTE: Item does not have expiry date, rather date mentioned on the product is production date

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