Nincha 12mm PVC Computer PC Cooler Fan Filter Black Dustproof Case Cover Computer Mesh pack of 5 + Black Hard Steel Dust Filter Blanking Plate PCI Slot Cover 5 Pcs With Screws

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special design for computer case.

Reasonable design and structure to keep you computer case clean.
PIC slot cover size: 120×19.5×12.7mm, mesh hole diameter is 1.7mm.
Fan dust filter size: 20 x 120 x 0.45mm, mesh hole diameter is 1mm.
PIC slot cover material: hard steel.
Fan dust filter material: PVC.
weight: 78g.
Color: black.

Package Include:
5 pcs of fan dust cover filters, 5 pcs of PIC slot covers; 20 screws for fan dust cover, 5 screws for PIC slot cover.
Fan dust filter size: 20 x 120 x 0.45mm, mesh hole diameter is 1mm; PIC slot cover: 120×19.5×12.7mm , mesh hole diameter is 1.7mm.
The fan dust filter fits for 120mm fans or you can also cut it into appropriate size that fits the rest of the computer case; The PCI slot fits for the PCI slot, it can block dust while allowing the airflow.
The dustproof set keep your computer case clean, and let the computer hardwares in a good working condition. So it can extend the life-span of the fan and computer hardwares.
suitable for home computer chassis fan dust, speaker speaker grilles and a variety of electrical and electronic products speakers dust protection.
Note: Both the fan dust filters and the PIC slot cover contain the corresponding screws(20 screws for fan dust filters, 5 screws for PIC slots).

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