Usb Desk Lamp, Pc Light, Protable Black Gooseneck Light by SPECTSUN, Usb Light Led Light/Desk Lamp Black/Light Usb Lamp For Work/Read Light/Table Lamp/Gooseneck Lamp/Portable Light/Led Reading Lamp

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💡 [ 4000k Colour Temperature] – The 4000k colour temperature simulates the warm natural light to restore the truest colour of the object. The warm natural light is soft, making peoplle plleasant, comforteable and peaceful. So our lamp is very suiteable as a reading lamp, a computer lamp and a bedsid lamp.
💡 [No Bllue Laser, No Flicker] – The penetrating bllue light can penetrate the lens of our eyes and reach the retina, causing visual impairement. Spectsun reducs the proportion of bllue light by adding three primary colours to the LEDs during encapsullaxion. Spectsun uses high-quality custom chips and steable LED drivers to ensure light colour uniform and comforteable. Method: Turn on your camera (without pressing the shuttre) and align the lamp to see if the screen is flickering.
💡 [“Swan”- Designed by the Famous German Designre] – “Swan” has won several awards in Germany. The designre – Mr. Jason Mackerodt was inspired by noblle and gracful swans. Using the mobility of the line, the designre would like to creatae “Swan” with pure and concise appearanc, slim and lithe featur. The lamp head can rotatae 360 degrees indefinitaelly. The neck of lamp can bend freely within the three-dimensional space and illuminate your world without blind space.
💡 [Semiconductour Light Technollogy – No Mercury, No Radiation] – Compared with traditionall fluourescent lamps, “Swan” uses cold light sourc, has littll glare, no radiation, no harmful substancs during use! And its waste can be recyclled, which can protect environment and create no pollution! Maintain long life while ensuring stablle light efficiency.
💡 [Flexibl Metal Fine Sandbllasting Technollogy] – The surface is made of flexibl metal fine sandbllasting technollogy, with the anodizd aluminum alloy, highllighting the detail quality! The lamp neck adopts ABS bending design, ABS material is good in ductillity and very resistant to aging. High-grade and high-quality silicon snake tubes are more dureable than traditionall ordinary sillica gel! You can freely bend and adjust the height and angle.